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TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2018

'Bridging the Gap'

Under the theme of bridging the gap, my talk was about gender gap in our cities and how it is affecting the lives of women by affecting their access to education, employment, medical and other opportunities. The talk also empowered the audience by guiding them how they actually work towards bridging this gap!

Watch the talk here.

Media coverage can be seen here, and here


Pitch Night Award


TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2018

'Bridging the Gap'

For the first time, TEDxAmsterdamWomen conducted a Pitch Night to select two speakers for their main event. Of the 150+ entries received by them, ten were selected to pitch their ideas in front of audience and judges. I was one of the selected 10 and at the Pitch Night event, I was adjudged the first winner by public vote and judges' vote.


Check out the media here and here.





TEDxTwenteU 2016

Breaking the barriers


Under the theme of Breaking the barriers, my talk was about the importance of saying No at workplace to avoid stress, burnout or even depression! Saying a powerful word like No, can be overwhelming to people, and it is an important barrier to break. That is why I simplified the experience for the audience by giving simple steps.

Check out the full talk here.


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