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About me

Urban Mobility Specialist  Urban Planner



 TEDx speaker



Plan for Sustainable and inclusive urban mobility for all

My journey so far...

Having completed my education in Urban and Transport planning in India in 2002, I worked for seven years with corporate and government sector in India. Later, I moved to the Netherlands, studied project financing and did my PhD in urban transport. Since 2016, I have been working as an entrepreneur and in 2021 I began teaching Geography to pre-university students in the Netherlands.

I have an uncommon advantage of having worked for the corporate, government, research, and now teaching sector! I understand very well the strengths of each sector and their respective contributions to improving our lives. I understand their work culture, their priorities, and what appeals to each of them. 


Along the way, I have received a number of scholarships namely GATE scholarship (awarded by the Government of India), Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (awarded by European Union), Fellowship by Faculty ITC, University of Twente, Fellowship by Erasmus University and Aalto University, and have shown academic excellence through distinctions and gold medal. I have written a number of research papers for international journals, conferences, books, and magazines and I review papers for a number of international ISI journals. I also have two TEDx talks to my credit.

I have received various other logistics grants from Aalto University, Finland; Koordinationen for Kønsforskning, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; University of Twente, the Netherlands; Institute of Transport economics (TØI), Norway; and TEDxAmsterdamWomen, the Netherlands.

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