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With great pleasure, announcing the release of my book titled

A Comprehensive Guide on Transit-Oriented Development for Developing Countries

Order your copy now!

Within India, you can order your hardbound copy here.

Internationally, you can order your paperback copy on Amazon.

If you prefer a hardbound copy, order a discounted copy (15% off) here

A Proud Moment!

The book has been translated to Persian by able colleagues Dr. Hamid Mirzahossein and Mr. Kaveh Sadeghi at Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU), Iran.


Ms. Srishti Mehar,
Post Graduate student,
SPA, Vijaywada, India

It is a must-starter for every student, researcher or planner engaged in the area of
TOD. The book provides a thorough chronological history of TOD, including the necessity of such developments in developing nations, evaluation models, and assessing the potential for development. The author has put a great deal of effort into providing useful examples that could be extended to other regions with similar characteristics. The book is a wholesome read as there is adequate theory provided to support the contextual background in addition to the quantitative and qualitative assessment techniques.


What makes the book noteworthy is the fact that it employs the use of Multi-Criteria Assessment (MCA), the ideal approach for measuring many parameters. Overall, it establishes that TOD, Smart Mobility, and Sustainable Development share a common goal and can be integrated to enhance the existing TOD-ness of the area.

Dr. Hamid Mirzahossein
Associate Professor
Civil - Transportation Planning Department at IKIU, Iran

This book can be considered as a practical solution for the implementation of Transit-Oreinted Development (TOD) in developing countries. The book’s USP is that it is the only book that links the concept of TOD to the developing countries while others are on developed countries. This book can significantly contribute to the better implementation of TOD by establishing effective communication between the academia and organisations responsible for TOD implementation throughout developing countries.

TOD has received a lot of attention in recent years in Iran, but we find that trustees and experts are less aware of the how TOD can be made to fit Iran’s requirements. By translating this practical book we wish to help implement TOD in Iran accurately.


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